Standing Rules



1. Members

a.   Membership in the Chapter will be limited to sixty (60) family units. To be eligible for membership, prospective members must attend two (2) regular meetings within a (12) month period.

b.  To maintain membership in the chapter, members must attend two (2) regular meetings within a membership year (January-December). This attendance requirement may be waived by the Executive Committee if the failure to attend resulted from health reasons or other unavoidable causes which, in the judgment of the Executive Committee, justifies a waiver.

c.  There will be two classes of members: Regular and Associate. The requirements for regular membership is set forth in the Bylaws. Associate members are widows or widowers who have been former members and would like to maintain a relationship with the chapter. Former members who no longer have a recreational vehicle are also eligible for Associate membership. Associate members will not be eligible to hold office in the chapter, will pay chapter dues, and will NOT count as member recreational vehicles against the (60) family unit rule.

d.  New and reinstated members will be required to pay an initiation fee of Five Dollars ($5.00).

2. Officers – The elected officers of the Chapter are:

a.  President will be limited to serve two (2) consecutive one (1) year terms.

b.  1st Vice President

c.   2nd Vice President

d.  Secretary

e.  Treasurer

f.   National Director

g.  Alternate National Director

3. Meetings

a.  Regular meetings will usually be held on the weekend in which the fourth (4th) Friday of the month appears. No rallies will be held in the months of January, June, July, August, September and December.

b.   Minutes of the previous meeting will be provided the membership prior to the next meeting or read by the Chapter Secretary at the next regular meeting. Minutes will be approved by vote at the meeting.

c.   Special meetings may be held when recommended by the Executive Committee and approved by majority vote of the membership when present at a regularly scheduled meeting.

d.  Rallies will normally be held within 250 miles of San Antonio. The membership may vote to extend this limit for a specific rally. Any time a rally is held further than 250 miles from San Antonio no business meeting will be held.

e.  Meeting sites will be selected by the 1st Vice President.

f.  Wagon masters will be selected by the 2 Vice President.

g.  The wagon master will determine the rally fee and cut-off date for the receipt of “on-time” payment of rally fees. He/she also determines the appropriateness of refunds (in whole or part) in the event a member fails to attend a rally after sending in the registration or reservation form.

h.  Parking space at the rallies will be assigned on a first arrival basis with priority being given to preregistered members and their guests. Saving parking spaces will NOT be permitted except for the wagon master and members who should be parked in close proximity due to disabilities or other health considerations.

I.  The Sheriff (who is appointed by the President) will collect fines from those members not wearing identifying name tags/badges from the first official function of the rally, as determined by the Wagon Master, to the close of the clubhouse on Saturday evening. The nominal fine is twenty-five ($0.25) cents.

4. Chapter Finances

a.  The Chapter will reimburse the duly authorize representative (National Director, Alternate National Director or other chapter member) for Registration fees to attend both Annual FMCA National Conventions. (FMCA usually reimburses the Chapter for the registration Fees in the event someone attends the Summer Convention and Governing Board Meeting). ** (see below)

b.  The wagon master will maintain strict accounting of all finances collected from individuals, along with receipts for monies spent, and turn over the accounting to the treasurer after the rally. At Wagon Master’s discretion, no more than $30 in collected rally fees may be spent on alcohol at rally for planned events.

5. Property.

The Chapter Secretary will maintain a list of all property owned by the Chapter and who has possession of said property.

6. Miscellaneous

1. Alcoholic beverages. This will be governed by park rules and self-control.

2. Nonsmoking. Recreation Halls and/or Club Houses are designated “Nonsmoking” areas.

3. Pets. Pet owners will comply with park rules concerning pets.

4. Suggestions or Complaints. Members who have suggestions or complaints regarding Chapter policies or procedures are encouraged to take them to the President or other elected official.

5. Official records for the club will be maintained for a total of two years and may be destroyed after that period. E.g.: calendar year 2003 records may be destroyed in January 2006.

6. Standing rules may be changed/amended by a majority vote at any meeting where a quorum is present (see Bylaws).

Revised and Approved February 20, 2018

 Note from FMCA December 8, 2005:  “We no longer send the reimbursement checks to the chapter treasurer. They are now sent directly to your National Director”.