March 2019, Niederwald TX

March 2019
Longhorn RV Resort
Niederwald, TX

The River City Travelers March 2019 Rally at the Longhorn RV Resort in Niederwald, TX came off without a hitch under warm and sunny skies.  We had a whole lot of fun, friendship and, to say the least, food and then some.  A total of 11 rigs and 23 members and visitors were in attendance.  We also had Sandy Randolph and Rick Coy visit with us on Saturday night.  Our profound thanks go out to our Assistant Wagon Masters, Alan and Janet Broughton, David and Helen Whitmire, and Dan and Gail Wight for their help.  They helped make this event go off smoothly.

Wednesday saw the arrival of about half of our rally mates.  After getting our rigs situated and setup we all caravanned down to Grin’s Restaurant in San Marcos, TX for some libations and food.    Our timing was excellent because, unbeknownst to us, our arrival just happened to coincide with “Happy Hour.”  Who’d-a-Thunk It!  Anyway, they had to gather up the horses and bring over the margarita and beer wagon.  Of course, where there’s drink there’s invariably food and at Grin’s there’s a whole lot of it.

Huge onion rings, giant burgers, chicken fried steak the size of a grizzly’s paw print and the list goes on.  Bottom line, we all had a great time and went back to our rigs well hydrated and waddling out the door.

Thursday began with many sleeping in to recover from the previous evenings food fest and to await the arrival of our other rally mates.  As the day wore on several armchair seminars and shopping tours were undertaken to while away the hours.    We gathered later in the afternoon for happy hour and followed that up with a dinner consisting of tossed salad, spaghetti covered in Linda Liebe’s homemade meat sauce, garlic bread and strawberry swirl cheesecake for dessert.  In fact, the meat sauce was so popular that several folks packaged portions into zip lock bags to take back to their RVs.

Friday morning started off with coffee, juice, Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas, followed by a variety of huge breakfast Tacos served by Riley’s Pit BBQ along with Honey Dew Melon and Cantaloupe. Following breakfast several of the lady’s gathered and went on a shopping tour of Lockhart, TX.  We understand that no one came back empty handed from that tour.  Several other members went on sightseeing tours to Austin and the surrounding area.  Of course, there were some armchair seminars conducted as well where all the problems of the world were discussed and solved.

We all met once again Friday evening around 5 pm for Happy Hour and then sat down for a dinner catered by Riley’s Pit BBQ.  Dinner consisted of tossed salad, BBQ Brisket and Ribs, green beans, corn on the cob, bread and German Chocolate Cake for dessert.  Make no mistake, this was no light meal.  It would best be described as an absolute pig out.

After dinner we settled down to play a round of the Left-Center-Right dice game.  The battle was intense with quarters flowing back and forth, and players gaining and losing their stake.

 In the end, Doug Livingston was declared the winner and took the pot.

Saturday morning once again started off with coffee, juice, Bloody Mary’s, and Mimosas.  This was followed with a Hash Brown Casserole consisting of Hash Brown potatoes; red, yellow, and orange peppers; onion; eggs; ground pork sausage; and a ton of cheddar cheese.  Honey Dew Melon and Cantaloupe was also offered.  Once again, there were several folks that came back for seconds or for portions in zip lock bags to take back to their rigs.  The rest of the day went to additional shopping sprees, visits the Commemorative Air Force Museum at the San Marcos Airport, lunch (where they had room following breakfast I don’t Know), and of course, armchair seminars.  We again met at 5 pm for Happy Hour and then for dinner.  Just before dinner we took the opportunity to recognize and welcome our newest members to the club, Debbie and John Thompson.

Dinner was again catered by Riley’s Pit BBQ and consisted of tossed salad, Pork Loin and Turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, rolls and, for dessert, Carrot Cake.  Once again, another belt busting meal.

Following dinner we settled in for a game that, for the lack of a formal name, we’ll call “Unwrapped Frustration.”  Basically, the game involves 2 boxed prizes, 2 pair of work gloves and a pair of dice.  The object of the game is to roll the dice and get either a pair of ones, threes, or sixes. Once you roll the appropriate pair of dice you the go to the boxes, put on the work gloves and then try to unwrap the boxes.  Meanwhile, the other members in the group continue to roll the dice until the proper combination is rolled again.  They then go to the boxes, replace the person that is attempting to unwrap them, put on the gloves and continue with trying to unwrap them.  Unknown to the players is that each big box is actually layered with several smaller boxes that have been securely taped shut.  Play goes on until each box is unwrapped and the prize is revealed.

 Well, it was a hard battle but the ultimate winners were Debbie Thompson who won a wine cork puller and Sandy Randolph who won a cooking apron with a picture of a Booby Bird on it.  Congratulations to all!

Overall, it was a fun filled, gut busting rally.  The folks at the Longhorn RV Resort treated us really well; the facilities were great and the catering provided by Riley’s Pit BBQ was nothing short of fantastic.  We fully expect to conduct future rallies in Niederwald, TX.

The next scheduled rally is April 25-28 at Sunset Point on Lake LBJ in Marble Falls, TX.  Sign up and get your reservations in.  Sandy Randolph and Rick Coy will be Wagon Masters for this event.  It should be a lot of fun.  See you there!